As we look around us at our summer’s end, the maple leaves are turning, the golden rod is brilliant, the monarch butterflies are beginning their amazing journey south, and the teenage mergansers are gathered in groups of 15-20 to do their lovely diving – blip-blip-blip, they all disappear and bloop, bloop, bloop they’re back again!Read On

Wednesday, August 13 reprise – Saturday August 23 Lots to report but we’ll write it up back at Thomas Bay – ready to leave the Killarney scene before we got it written.  Will post next week – will be back in Little Current for pull out on Tuesday, August 26th, after a few more daysRead On

Wed / 8-6 / w 10 / late afternoon t-storm / Thomas Bay / Got back to Thomas in the mid-afternoon just in time to re-anchor in our previous spot and get our awning up before a passing storm broke. After it was over we dingied over to drop off Angela’s bread and to sayRead On

Fri / 8-1 / sw light / fair / Killarney / Bid farewell to Covered Portage Cove and arrived mid-morning under motor due to light wind and short distance.  Thought we could pump out, get ice, do laundry and groceries in 2 hours – hah!  The laundromat was the most popular place in town, soRead On

Day /Date /Wind /Skies /Location /Events Fri / 8-1 / light wind / sunny & warm / Since this is our first major post, it is in increasing date order (except for this comment).  Next week (or whenever) we’ll post above this.  Things got much better after we got to the cruising part of ourRead On

Our new engine has not worked until they finally fixed it today (an electrical hookup problem).  We’ve made good use of the time getting the boat fully prepped.  Will load the final part that had to stay available while they worked on the engine on Thursday and depart early Friday for Heywood Island just SERead On

How to make a bullet-proof engine fallible – add a computer.  Stan at Harbor Vue put in a call to Volvo late yesterday and we’re awaiting a good outcome – enjoying breakfast at Anchor Inn and using their wifi at the moment – plan to take a spin in Little Dipper after breakfast to seeRead On

Our now-favorite-restaurant, Monique’s Bistro in Blind River, was open and Monique and her husband Sam were lovely as always and served up a delicious 3-course dinner.  We passed on dessert this time as we were pleasantly full and pampered.  (See last year’s story about how we accidentally discovered this wonderful spot as part of ourRead On

Barbie’s strategy of traveling on a busy weekday worked like a charm. The strategy of going through customs when they’re busy, worked like a charm – no time for anything but rudimentary questions, and no questions about boats and whether they were being imported, etc. Additionally, we were tied up on the bridge long enoughRead On

Logging off all media except Canadian cell till we get to our next internet connection. See you later.