Barbie’s strategy of traveling on a busy weekday worked like a charm.

  • The strategy of going through customs when they’re busy, worked like a charm – no time for anything but rudimentary questions, and no questions about boats and whether they were being imported, etc.
  • Additionally, we were tied up on the bridge long enough to figure out we had forgotten the kitty collars, needed if they want to walk on the deck and to find a pet store right on the other side of the bridge using Google search.  (She thought of this as she pulled out their papers and shot tags and realized no collars for the tags – oops!)
  • The strategy of “if we forgot something, don’t worry, it’s Canada (i.e., & they have stores)” worked for getting the precise collars needed and eliminated some of the other potential checklists.
  • So we made it across!  (what will we ever worry about when we finally go to Greece?)