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August 28, 2014

Season’s Over – Harbor Vue Marine







Checking Barbie’s knots


August 25, 2014

Sailing to Heywood Island

“Sea Quell”

IMG_3851           IMG_3857


Barbie at the helm, wing on wing

IMG_3859      IMG_3871


August 25, 2014 -Heywood Island


Another Tartan: dingy hoist – no drag, no surfing up the stern.


August 24, 2014 – Back to Covered Portage Cove



Evnrude’s Chanticleer at the entrance to Covered Portage Cove

IMG_3818      IMG_3816


IMG_3814     IMG_3813



August 21, 2014, Back to Thomas Cove



August 21, 2014 – Back to Thomas Cove

IMG_3788      IMG_3786


IMG_3781      IMG_3774



Barbie pointing out “mailbox rock” at the entrance

August 21, 2014 –  Pit stop in Killarny




Old School



New School



10ft Draft


For charter, an easy way to see the North Channel and Georgian Bay


SnowBall and Frosty


Sportsman’s Inn – includes great fine dining


August 20,2014 –  An easy sail through Colins inlet, east to west, 1-3 knots and 10 hours


A boom hold down thanks to Charlie

IMG_3728    IMG_3730




August 14, 2014 –  On the way to Golden Sword Island

IMG_3619        IMG_3621

August 14-17, 2014 – Images of Black Bay, NE of Golden Sword Island

IMG_3716       IMG_3715 IMG_3712         IMG_3701


IMG_3698     IMG_3693




IMG_3685     IMG_3678


IMG_3670      IMG_3667


IMG_3661      IMG_3640




IMG_3631       IMG_3628


Jennifer wondering



August 10, 2014 – Getting to Byng Inlet

Andy and H23

Andy and H23

August 8-10, 2014 – Travel to Bustard Islands and Being There


IMG_3426     IMG_3412



IMG_3435     IMG_3437



IMG_3453      IMG_3453

IMG_3472      IMG_3480

A cabin on the lake for Schmidty and Kristi

A cabin on the lake for Schmidty and Kristi

IMG_3515      IMG_3517


A little boat for Marthe and Rex

A little boat for Marthe and Rex

Tucked into a nice anchorage

Tucked into a nice anchorage

IMG_3579    IMG_3578

IMG_3568     IMG_3552


IMG_3550      IMG_3545


IMG_3539     IMG_3537


IMG_3535      IMG_3556


IMG_3555      IMG_3563



IMG_3574      IMG_3586 IMG_3582     IMG_3574IMG_3503     IMG_3509 IMG_3498

IMG_3591  IMG_3592

IMG_3595   IMG_3598    IMG_3601



IMG_3604       IMG_3609



August 7-8, 2014 – En route from Thomas Bay through Collins Inlet to Beaverstone Bay

IMG_3365  IMG_3364


IMG_3366      IMG_3362IMG_3357       IMG_3356


IMG_3351     IMG_3343

NorthStar's beam is about 8'6" - these markers through the marsh into Beaverstone are about 100' apart but looked like 8'7"

NorthStar’s beam is about 8’6″ – these markers through the marsh into Beaverstone are about 100′ apart but looked like 8’7″

IMG_3383      IMG_3404


IMG_3390      IMG_3405



Jennifer’s first big adventure rock – Barbie calls this Arrow Head Rock


Leaving Killarny.  Ran out of chip space just when they turned around to take off right beside us

IMG_3311 IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3318

Andy’s old & new engines





IMG_2983     IMG_2981


Our New Awning, Improved Mainsail, and Windlass

IMG_3019A      IMG_3019


IMG_3027      IMG_3018IMG_3027A      IMG_2975

IMG_2963      IMG_3036


August 2-5, 2014 – Thomas Bay

John and Angela - Our Guardian Angels on Suffolk Punch

John and Angela – Our Guardian Angels on Suffolk Punch

IMG_3244      IMG_3203


NorthStar and Suffolk Punch

IMG_3262      IMG_3253




Jennifer’s rock

IMG_3323     IMG_3328


IMG_3274      IMG_3277


IMG_3282      IMG_3304


IMG_3292      IMG_3295



August 1, 2014 – Killarney

IMG_3165     IMG_3163


IMG_3156     IMG_3164

Heading East to Thomas Bay

Heading East to Thomas Bay

July 30-August 1, 2014 – Anchored at Covered Portage Cove, just north of Killarney

IMG_3115   IMG_3080    IMG_3111


IMG_3107     IMG_3088


Mary getting her morning exercise

IMG_3106     IMG_3093IMG_3082     IMG_3103


IMG_3112   IMG_3142   IMG_3090IMG_3091         IMG_3076


Sextant log from Suffolk Punch’s Captain John, a sample of what he and Angela used to navigate across the Atlantic many years ago

July 31, 2014 – Critters at Covered Portage Cove


IMG_3134      IMG_3139


Jennifer checking out our new engine instruments

July 26-29, 2014 – First anchorage at Heywood Island, just southeast of Little Current


NorthStar’s new awning and mosquito netting work like a charm


Fred, Lou’s pet seagull, likes crackers

IMG_3066      IMG_3070

July 25, 2014 – Our first sail of the season – Little Current to Heywood Island

IMG_2994      IMG_3002

July 19 – 24, 2014 – At the Harbor Vue Marina

IMG_2975    IMG_2941     IMG_2991


IMG_2979      IMG_2985

July 16-18, 2014 – Our secluded escape to Red Lodge Resort

IMG_2911    IMG_2918    IMG_2914


IMG_2921    IMG_2919



July 16-18, 2014 – Oh, Mama, can this really be the end, to be stuck inside o’ Little Current with the Georgian Bay blues again!


Gotta get all this out of storage and into NorthStar

Measuring out our anchor rode

Measuring out our anchor rode



Anchor rode marker

IMG_2895     IMG_2896


Mark, Rick and Andy after stepping the mast with "The MoneyMaker"

Mark, Rick and Andy after stepping the mast with                “The MoneyMaker”


July 15, 2014 – Andy and Barbie enjoying the wonderful dinner prepared by Monique and the nice conversation with Sam at Monique’s Bistro in Blind River.


Sam and Monique at Monique's Bistro

Sam and Monique at Monique’s Bistro


July 14, 2014 – Here’s what our 8 days of labor produced a couple of weeks ago (beauty is in the eye of the laborer):

IMG_2837     IMG_2856 IMG_2842     IMG_2843

IMG_2853      IMG_2849 IMG_2848   IMG_2834    IMG_2830



  1. Andy designed, fabricated and installed fiber glass reinforcement under the new windlass, glass inserts to create a compartment for our wash down pump hose, fillets around the sides, sanding and gel-coating.  The other 2 compartments will carry the rode for our spare anchor.  When he got done he wanted it to look like it came that way, which is does, but now you can’t see all the work.  Well, mid-project it looked more like #2.
  2. Andy designed, fabricated, and installed fiber glass protection for the anchor chain locker.  We left this part unfinished because is all gets covered by a nice teak door and framing.
  3. External view of the windlass and foot switches on the starboard side.
  4. Closeup of the windlass.  (Andy also installed guides for the wiring, which will go under everything back to the battery hookup.)
  5. This is a shot of our controls – Andy made a nice little wood mount for the power switches for the washdown pump and the windlass (lower left) and another little wood mount for the remote windlass control (upper left).
  6. – 10.  These show our beautiful teak, which Barbie sanded and sanded and sanded to clean off the oxidized discoloration and then got lucky with a good day for finishing it all.  Thanks to Bob, who did Donnie’s character wood boat on his pond at the Boat House, we hope that this stain/sealer will keep as nicely as it did on Donnie’s boat.